The Paddlesnake Hunters

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Hilarious humor & guide tape to Jones, Short, Pigeon Dries, Raquette, Beaver.  Paddlesnake III.


Once again, the intrepid paddlesnake hunters are bringing you the best carnage and excellent excuses!  As they tour various rivers in the Southeast & New York, they find religion from a preacher that urges boaters to confess their swims, a fairy tale from Dr. Ekans, some new “moves” from Eric Jackson, and something far scarier than any paddlesnake!

This video includes top to bottom tours with rapid names and levels of:
Short Creek, AL (III/IV)
Jones Creek, AL (V)
Pigeon Dries, NC (IV/V)
Stone Valley, Raquette, NY (IV/V)
Moshier Section, Beaver, NY (IV/V)
Eagle Section, Beaver, NY (V)

Mariann Saether also tells us how to run Oceana and leads us into some impressive carnage that we can all learn from


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