Epicocity Project Double Feature

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Epicocity’s double feature includes Bigger Than Rodeo and Mission: Epicocity – South America, Nile, Oregon, Ed Lucero’s 105 foot waterfall.


This double feature includes two videos:

Mission: Epicocity

I think the best eye candy in this DVD is the steep creek footage from South America.  There is some really pretty stuff in here!.  But, this is by no means, a single destination video.  The playboating on the White Nile includes some entertaining footage of local African kayakers.  Some pretty good NC surf kayaking mixed with some creekin’.  And there’s also some nice footage from Oregon.  Overall, a fine video to watch with friends and suds the night before a boating trip.

Bigger Than Rodeo

The grand finale of this video is Ed Lucero’s run on a 105 foot, straight vertical waterfall.  It’s huge.  It’s bigger than rodeo.  The rest of this DVD is primarily a music video including a mix of creekin and freestyle.  A variety of locales are visited from the gigantic water of the Slave River in the Northwest Territory to pristine steep creekin’ in Chile. The (plentiful) hole play features lots of big aerial moves.

Trip Jennings, Chris Todd, Karl Moser, Alex Hotze, Amy Jimmerson, Scott Feindel, Ed Lucero, Eleanor Perry, I J Groth.


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