Metal Flakes

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Squirt boating with Jim Snyder, Eric Zitzow & many more in Wva, TN, MD, CT, & Canada


Some of the best squirters around show us the best squirt destinations in the East.  You’ll see some great moves and long downtime.  But, despite the title, this is not just about squirtin’ in West Virginia.  Plenty of other venues are explored.  There’s lots of beautiful surface scenery as well as some underwater footage.

There is also a touching tribute to the destruction and acidic legacy of coal mining.

Filmed on:
Gauley River, WVa
Cheat River, WVa
New River Gorge, WVa
Tygart River, WVa
Farmington River, Connecticutt
Nolichucky River, TN
Ocoee River, TN
Ottawa River, Canada
Potomac River, MD

Jim Snyder
Eric Zitzow
Nathan Mills
Deb O’Keefe
and many, many more


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