Genes – Advanced Whitewater Technique

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Instruction on advanced techniques – boofs, slides & big drops


Simon Westgarth brings us this very good intermediate to advanced creekin’ instructional.  This video focuses on how to run slides, boofs and big drops.  The examples are plenty and varied while the instruction is clear and concise.  Genes complements both Legend of the Falls and E.J.’s River Running series without much overlap.  But there is more to this video…

There is quite a difference in style and flavor between this British production and our familiar North American videos.  Simon keeps his narrative to a minimum (thankfully), choosing to explain with text boxes, graphics and tons of examples instead.  The music tracks are quite agreeable with the drops and rapids so impressive, that this could have been a music video instead of an instructional.  Some of the terms could use some translation (like “Flaring”, known in the SE U.S. as a “Seven Foot Move”), but the whitewater demonstrations and skills transcend the language differences.

If the boof isn’t second nature to you, or you want to learn more about running big slides or drops, this is an excellent addition to your instructional collection.


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