In Flux

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Destination Kayaking – NPFF Winner – Reunion Island, Italian Alps, Atlas Mountains, Lake Bakal Russia


From France comes this fine destination kayaking video.  David Arnaud takes us all over the world.  He starts with a trip to the lush, verdant volcanic Reunion Island, where the steep, narrow canyons receive an average of 470 inches of rain per year.  Next we’re off to the stunning scenery of the Italian Alps.  He comes over to North America to visit the huge waves of Lachine and Reversing Falls of New Brunswick.  The contrast between the Moroccan desert and the flush rivers of the Atlas mountains provides another opportunity for beautiful videography.  After a visit to Norway and France’s Hawaii Sur Rhone at flood, we move on to a big adventure in Russia as David & crew pioneer a few first descents in the Lake Bakal region of Siberia.


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