Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting

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Liquid Skills & SOAR combined on a DVD


Now you can enjoy Liquid Skills and SOAR together on one DVD with chapter menu access.  The picture quality and scenery is gorgeous on the VHS, and is even more so on the DVD.


Liquid Skills

Created by Ken Whiting & Chris Emerick, this is a 2 part video.  The first 45 minutes covers the necessary strokes and skills need for all aspects of boating with the latest breed of boats.  The second section covers playboating.

The video quality is extremely good.  The instruction is clearly conveyed with demonstrations of the moves and strokes.


SOAR is an instructional video for intermediate to advanced paddlers that covers the skills that are needed for all types of river running while using the newer boat designs. Ken covers the 3 Golden Rules of whitewater paddling, polishing your strokes, big water skills, creek boating skills, advanced river running technique, and even some safety. Top kayakers Tyler Curtis, Kevin Varette, and Simone French joined Ken Whiting and Chris Emerick for filming this in Africa and New Zealand.


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