Twitch V

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Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls & wake boating – Tao berman, Josh Bechtel, Eric Seymour, Ben Stookesbury


Tao Berman & Josh Bechtel team up with Eric Seymour & Ben Stookebury (of No Big Names fame) to bring some of the biggest waterfalls ever run to video. Eric Link brings us up close and personal for insights into why these kayakers do what they do.
Twitch V includes “Wake Boating”, first descents in Alaska, Argentina, British Columbia, Idaho, and Washington, as well as many extras like a documentary about Tao called “Fearless”.
All in all, Twitch V is a waterfall fest. Big ones, small ones, mostly very complicated ones. Many are multi-drop with twists. Almost all have significant entries. Some are just plain scary.
This DVD also includes the original “Twitch”. You’ll get a lot for your money.


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