A Glorious Way to Die

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Insane Russian Paddlers on Siberian Class 6 in homemade rafts like the Bublik


Worth every penny of it’s price, this is a professionally done documentary on the insane Russian paddlers.  They make their own dry suits, life jackets, and raft bladders from parts scavenged from old airplanes & tractors.  Then they drive to the mountains of Siberia, hike this gear in with tools and provisions for 2 or 3 weeks on the water.  They cut trees and build the catarafts on site. 

Then, they paddle some of the most heinous whitewater on earth…  High volume, Class 5 & 6 inside steep rock canyons.  And they don’t all survive.  These rivers kill over 50 rafters each season.

This is the video that shows that most bizarre and manly raft – the Russian Bublik!


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