One World

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Hi Definition destination kayaking – Zambia, Uganda, Costa Rica, China, Kyrgyzstan, Norway


High definition video brings you more detail as we travel to Zambia, Uganda, Costa Rica, China, Kyrgyzstan and Norway.  See the minus rapids on the Zambesi above the usual run.  Go surfing on the beach and paddling in the mountains of Costa Rica.  See some enormous whitewater in China.  And there’s also some great stuff from Norway and Uganda.  Some of the other fun footage includes some really nice helmetcam, teasing the crocodiles in Africa, local scenery & color in China and more of the lovely and ubiquitous Marianne Saether.  This is an all star cast from all over the world and well worth the price of admission.

from Arden Oksanen & Trask Mcfarland